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blasting in mining ppt

Aug 31, 2015· Process Of Blasting 1.Theblast holes are made and cleaned by using the tools. 2.The charge of explosive placed at the bottom. 3.Remaining portion is filled with clay and tamped. 4.Fuse is inserted, kept projecting 15-20 cm above the rock surface. …

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Jul 28, 2017· 79 Trim (Cushion)Blasting,Smoothblasting(contour or perimeterblasting) for undergroundminesand muffleblastingas a solution to prevent fly-rock from damaging human habitants and structures.Presplitting Presplittingis a technique that involves loading a single row of holes that have been drilled along a desired highwall crest or excavation line.

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BlastingRegulations Explores the requirements onblastingoperators contained in 29 CFR, BATF and DOT. 16 slides:BlastingRegulations Regulatory requirements for NCDOTblastingoperations. 19 slides:BlastingSafely with Proper Techniques The most important responsibility of the blaster in charge is to prepare and fire safely.

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Drilling andBlasting6. HeavyMiningEquipment suppliers 7. Pipe fitting 8.OB Removal 9.Dredging 10. BauxiteMining11. UndergroundMining12. Iron OreMiningExtraction BGRMiningall the above services providing overall India mainly services in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Odisha, Jharkhand, Telangana, Tamilnadu and Chhattisgarh.

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Feb 20, 2015· • the types of explosion are the following: mechanical electric nuclear chemical, from the mining point of view, only the last are of interest 3. blasting accessories • various important blasting accessories are as under: 1. safety fuse 2. plastic ignitor cord. 3. detonators. 4.cord relay5.detonatingcord 7.anodet8.ohm meter9.

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NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams.

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File Name: File Size: File Type: blasting10.ppt: 109568:PPTFileBlasting_061309.ppt: 198656:PPTFileBlasting_1.ppt: 198656:PPTFileBlasting_Awareness.ppt

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Oct 12, 2017· The concept developed by Mackenzie describes the total blasting cost as: Ct= Cd + Cb + Cl + Ch+ Cc/P Where, Ct = Total blasting cost per tonne of finish product, Cd = Cost of Drilling, Cb = Cost of blasting, Ch = Cost of hauling, Cc = Cost of Crushing, Cl= Cost …

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Mar 17, 2018·BlastingOperation • TheBlastingoperation can be subdivided into three major groups, viz. • (i)BlastPlanning, which includes Geo-MiningStudy of the ore Body, Explosive selection andBlastDesign; • (ii)BlastOperation including selection of initiation system selection and firing with proper sequencing and • (iii)BlastMonitoring ...

Mine Safety and Health Quizzes from the USMRA

Mine Safety and Health Quizzes from the USMRA

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A 104(a) Citation No. 7428800 Was Issued To CamMiningLlcPPTPresentation Summary : A 104(a) Citation No. 7428800 was issued to CAMMiningLLC for a violation of 30 CFR, §77.1000. Condition or Practice: The mine operator's established ground

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Sl.No Chapter Name English; 1: Lecture 01: Introduction to Drilling Technology: Download Verified; 2: Lecture 02: Introduction toBlastingTechnology: Download

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of theblast, the ore must be allowed to swell whenblasting. T ypes of explosives usedin miningKey factors considered when selecting the type of explosiv es are:

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The SurfaceMiningControl and Reclamation Act of 1977 (SMCRA) requires that coalminingbe conducted in a manner that prevents injury to people and damage to public or private property duringblasting. The side effects ofblastingare “flyrock” a rock or rocks moving through the air or along the ground after ablastand travel beyond theblastarea (security zone),

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Blasting tunnels (or drifts) is a necessity in all underground mining operations. Drill and blast techniques are the most conventional and common method and is most useful in high UCS and homogeneous rock types albeit slower than other methods. These tunnels are created for many reasons including: Using the excavated space for transport

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INTRODUCTION: The controlled use of explosives to excavate rock has been part of construction. In PAKISTAN over thousands of kgs explosives are used for the purpose of construction operation , rock blasting and mining , Despite the huge volume of explosives used, serious incidents involving the legal use of explosive materials are rare.

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Mar 16, 2015·Explosives and blasting in underground coal mining1.EXPLOSIVES AND BLASTING IN UNDERGROUND COAL MININGM.S.S.S.SASHANK 113MN0482 2. INTRODUCTION All seams in underground coal mines are considered gassy, the degree of gassiness may vary from I to III.

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Jan 01, 2019· Presplit blasting involves drilling a single row of holes along the back of the final excavation zone . Unlike smooth wall blasting, the presplit holes are fired on the first delay of the production blast. The presplit technique is the most commonly used controlled blasting technique for surface operations. 3. Methods 3.1. Line drilling

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An effective blasting solution has been identified that enables the safe utilisation of powder factors several times higher than those used conventionally to provide significant improvements in fragmentation. Blasting PowerPoint Presentations Browse our collection of Blasting PowerPoint Presentations. Blasting Safety Videos

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mec_mining101-1.ppt-MINING101Mining101 Part One Have you used any of these lately School Bus Cereal Bicycle or Skateboard Car Alarm Clock Pencil or. ... Drilling to set charges for ablast. Carefully controlledblastingbreaks up the rock. Blasted ore is hauled to the crusher.

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Explosives and Blasting - Underground Coal Mining- Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt/ .pptx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online.MiningEngineering

Mine Safety and Health Quizzes from the USMRA

Mine Safety and Health Quizzes from the USMRA


In mining operations, blasting has become a routine work. With proper understanding of the rocks and blasting methods, the mining work can be done effectively. The basic objective of this report is...

Blasting Techniques Used in Undergroundand Opencast Mines

Theblastingis known asblasting-off-the-solid or, in short solidblasting. P5 explosive is used along with Carrick short delay detonators (of I.E.L) or coal delay detonators (of l.D.L.) Introduction of suchblastingin mines needs approval from the D.G.M.S. for exemption under the following regulations: (a) Reg. 173- Toblastoff the solid.

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Jan 01, 2012· Therefore, considering the fact that open cutblastingis mostly successful in mines, it should be feasible to use a much higher specific charge such as 3.0 kg/m 3in miningproductionblasting. If so, when the cost indrilling and blastingis increased by a certain amount, the energy and cost in crushing and grinding might be largely reduced.

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Shotblastproduction lines, both manual and automated systems, became possible with the introduction of centrifugal wheelblastmachines. When it comes to finishing and cleaning operations, the shotblastingsurface treatment technique is a highly effective option.

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Apr 22, 2013· GautengBlasting| Witbank Drilling. DYNA D Manufacture is based in Witbank South Africa, focusing on themining, … and Surfaceblastingin the witbank region of gauteng, as well as the rest of South Africa. … Official Website of the South African College Principals Association … »More detailed